More trouble for Groupon…

groupon_logo_blueOver here at theBandBer we’re very interested in Groupon and what value it really offers to independent accommodation owners (you can read an interview with B&B owners who recently embarked on a Groupon campaign here).

As we’ve mentioned before, in spite of its very successful stock market flotation, Groupon seems to be experiencing more and more problems due to closer scrutiny of its business practices. In April it turned out that the Securities and Exchange Commission was looking into the company’s US accounts, although it has so far stopped short of launching a full investigation. There have also been continued rumblings about its 50/50 revenue split with businesses which sell discount vouchers and the way in which the size of its campaigns often threaten to overwhelm the vendor. Now Groupon’s Chief Executive has conceded that the company needs to tighten up on compliance. Even more significantly, it turns out that he’s looking at a “weekly log” of customer complaints from the UK.

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