Prince Charles meets ABBA…


Prince Charles meets ABBA members

…no, not the spangle-wearing Swedish pop group (that would require a time machine), but select members of the Ayrshire Bed and Breakfast Association.

Prince Charles was recently in Cumnock to open the new Dumfries Lodge Guest House, which has applied to join the association. He has been closely involved in the Dumfries House project for many years. Under his title as Great Steward of Scotland, he headed a consortium of charities and heritage bodies to purchase this unique property, its contents and adjoining land, in order to keep it intact and accessible to the public.

Dumfries House now offers accommodation to visitors. The Guest House contains six luxury bedrooms, all with modern amenities, including plasma screen, WIFI and tea/coffee facilities. There are also two self-contained cottages.

Mike Macfadyen, ABBA Chairman, Liz Drysdale, Secretary and Helen Malcolm were invited to the opening by Prince Charles on 4th April 2012.

“He was very interested, concerned and easy to talk to,” said Mike. “He asked about the spread of our properties: how they are distributed and to what extent they vary. We were able to tell him that the association comprises around 400 rooms throughout Ayrshire and that our properties range from just 2 bedrooms to much larger ones. Obviously, he’s not a B&B expert, but he seemed very pleased that the Guest House would be joining us and wished us well.”

You can find out more about the Dumfries House project on 28th May, when a new documentary, presented by Alan Titchmarch, will be broadcast on ITV.

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